Men Mark your calendars!!

Join us on Wed., March 31 at 6pm for fun, faith, and fellowship at the Hendrix Home!

Putting competition, prizes and more. Bring your friends!

220 Eagle Ridge in Burnet

Ladies Mark your calendars!!

You’ve been through tough things, you’re going through tough things and life holds more tough things ahead. But “Girl, you can do hard things!” Let’s learn and discuss together how we can use our past experiences, Biblical wisdom and collaboration with other women to grow and gird ourselves up to face whatever may come. We already have what it takes and know the One who protects and gives us the strength we need. Let’s become women who confidently face each day, knowing who we are, Who’s we are and not leave each other behind in fear. We are better together! 

Youth meets every Wed. but the last Wed. of the month.

Verity Road youth room


6th-12th grade

Food, fellowship, worship, the word! 

*We are a 501c3.  Tithes and donations can be given here, just click the "Give" button on the home page, or given at the service in the wooden boxes in the lobby or sent to:

P.O. Box 1507

Burnet, TX 78611


*Children’s Church K-5th grade during service. Check-in at VR building. 

*Nursery 0-4yrs old during the service. Check-in across the street. 


All Verity Road services have a security plan and armed presence for the protection and safety of all who attend. 

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