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about verity road

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Jay Paul and Kari Roy have answered a call to lead church in a different way, to go down a narrow road on a journey for truth.  They are partnered with a team of families and couples willing to ditch some traditional methods of worship and restore a body of believers to worship in spirit and truth.  Jay Paul and Kari love people in their purist and most genuine form, realizing that the trip down Verity Road is not always an easy one.  The rough road that leads to a cross that equalizes everyone.  Kari and Jay Paul have three amazing kids; Jud, Strat and Asah, and approach ministry as a family.  Verity Road is only a growing extension of their family and they eagerly want you to join them on the road trip of your life.


 Verity Road is a community of believers gathering together to seek and serve Jesus. As Children of God, we are all on a journey of faith. On that journey we are each uniquely designed by God through His timing and purpose along the way. For example, we may have different methods of transportation, traveling at different speeds, and at different locations on the map; however, the road we are on is one and the same. It is the journey for Truth and abundant life. As Paul stated in 1 Timothy 6:17-19, we are seeking a firm foundation and taking “hold of the life that is truly life.” We are traveling down Verity Road and Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

In the search for Truth, traditional church culture cannot survive. On Verity Road we are guided to always Love first and foremost. We are equal at the cross, submitting to one another in Christ, to accomplish His purposes. Everyone is a minister on Verity Road and has a valuable gift to offer. Church Leaders are servants and overseers, not police of people (Matthew 20:25). Verity Road will prepare and equip the body of believers in their journey of faith to serve Jesus. In this, the goal is simplicity, not to keep everyone busy and burdened down with obligation, events, and service to the infrastructure, but to release them to experience the abundant life God has given them through the freedom of the Holy Spirit. Along Verity Road, the mission will always be to serve the community and give away as Jesus freely gave to us.

The Globe Theatre

In 1935, the Bertram Amusement Company was formed to build an open a new modern theatre. This “New Theatre” opened to a packed house on August 20, 1935 and was soon named “The Globe Theatre”. Owners came and went as it continued to play movies into the early 1980’s. It would then lay dormant and dusty until 2009 when the current owners began a 6 year restoration process and reopened in the Fall of 2015.


The theatre is a perfect blend of modern convenience, historic art décor, and original architecture. The Theatre is used mainly as a Live Music Venue and event center. Verity Road will begin services at the Globe Theatre which is a perfect fit for many reasons. Verity Road will mesh with the Texas Live Music vibe in the worship service coupled with applicable Biblical messages.


Like many of us, the Globe Theatre, created for a purpose, was once left abandoned by the world, rejected, and left to grow dusty, dilapidated, and empty. This all changed when a new owner saw through the brokenness to the full potential and purpose. A room with Texas dripping from the walls, old beer stains on the floor, and many imperfections that give the place its character and identity. After being fully restored, it is once again serving its purpose, gathering people, and bringing life to a community. Jesus takes us all with the bumps, bruises, and brokenness of life and fully restores us to our purposes in Him. We may still show scars from the past and signs that we have been weathered by the world, but we have been made new creations by our new owner. Verity Road is a place where the broken are restored, where Jesus gives new life, and community in Him is established. Welcome to Verity Road and let the journey begin! Verity Road goes on forever, and the party never ends.